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  • Sunday Sessions

    Aug 2023
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    LIVE Music every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm

    Curated by Carmel Courtney.

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The Latest

  • Clink is taking a winter break….

    Its been a while between escapes and after a crazy couple of years we have finally booked ourselves a trip and are heading away for some surf, sun, sand and yoga, and of course lots of researching into F and B will be taking place too!

    The plan was to leave the crew to it here running Clink while we were away, but the plan changed as they do,  so we will be closing up on Sunday 25th June and re-opening on Wednesday 12th July.

    We will come back rested and relaxed and fully charged to continue doing what we love and maybe with some fresh new ideas!

    See you on the other side!!

About Clink

In 1779, not long after Captain James Cook discovered New Zealand, the prominent English politician Viscount Lonsdale sent his scandal causing son Lord Lonsdale on a settler's ship to the remote Islands - his philandering ways had caused enough embarrassment to the Crown. Leaving England with nothing more than a ring with a diamond the size of a pea, Lord Lonsdale .... read full about us >>