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  • Feel Good Friday’s in Sumner

    Feb 2020
    - 8.00pm -

    Live Music Sumner

    Join us for another Feel Good Friday on 28th February.

    Carmel and her talented guests will take you on a musical journey that will get your pulse going. Percussion, double base, sax and guitar as well as the soulful voice of Carmel, in an upbeat set of jazz, funk and latin infusion.

    Gather a crew and make a booking for what will be another epic evening.

The Latest

  • Vegan Pizzas have arrived at Clink


    The kitchen team are working on some new menu items that will be great for people looking for a vegan alternative. With a reasonably small menu we’ve always struggled on how to offer some of our vegan options that we have in our kitchen, so as we head into our new menu planning for Autumn/ Winter 2020 this is something we are keen to explore.

    The first step was easy really. Clink does great pizzas and we have a fantastic vegetarian pizza that with just modifying the cheese to a vegan alternative will finally open up this section of the menu to everyone. We already have gluten free bases available and 2 vegetarian pizzas and now we can offer a Vegan Pizza!

    So pop down and give our new VEGAN pizza a go!

    THE SHANK – a play on prison jargon not the lamb kind with roast sweet potato, spinach, caramelised onion and spiced cauliflower

    And don’t forget we have our two for one pizza deal every Thursday before 8pm, dine in only!



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