About Clink

Clink where it all comes together!

Nestled in the seaside village of Sumner, CLINK offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Since 2010 CLINK Restaurant & Bar has been an integral part of the Sumner hospitality scene for it’s seasonal menus created by Owner/Chef Rob Hope, well thought out beverage lists, entertainment and efficient, friendly service.

“ clamp us in irons!! for we wish to be incarcerated forever within the walls of this restaurant “

As stated by a clever DineOut reviewer


 NOUN a clinking sound         NOUN SLANG a prison

In 1779, not long after Captain James Cook discovered New Zealand, the prominent English politician Viscount Lonsdale sent his scandal causing son Lord Lonsdale on a settler’s ship to the remote Islands – his philandering ways had caused enough embarrassment to the Crown. Leaving England with nothing more than a ring with a diamond the size of a pea, Lord Lonsdale embarked upon the greatest adventure of his life.

The journey was long and perilous, and at times the crew feared they would not arrive at their Promised Land. After a particularly harrowing storm some of the crew incited a mutiny. In an act of true heroism Lord Lonsdale regained control of the ship and detained the mutineers. After weeks at sea, land was sighted and the ship sailed around the coast of the South Island to drop anchor at Sumner beach. The new settlers established a building for the incarceration of the mutineers which in time became known as CLINK.

Many years later, the Lonsdale clan repurchased the land unaware of its former history. The youngest daughter Rachael, full of Hope set up a restaurant giving the building back its former name in celebration of its past.