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  • Sadhana Sunday Session #4

    Jan 2015
    - 3pm -

    Join us for a relaxed afternoon of some fine vinyl sounds from Jae @ Saddhana Surf and friends.

    Happy Hour from 5pm till 6pm

    Upsized pizzas 3pm till 5pm

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  • It’s all about the taste!

    new menu launch

    Time to shake off spring and head in to menus with new summer seasonal twists. It’s going to be a big switcharoo with new beers, wines, cocktails and dinner menus hitting Clink next Wednesday 10th December! Excited we definitely are, with new award winning wineries like Greystone, Lansdowne and Elephant Hill joining the line up. These wines have some serious accolades behind them and will blow you away with flavour.

    Gin is so in right now and we will be showcasing different styles of Gin with their own signature cocktail to be sipped in the sun! Our new favorite is Rogue Society passionately blended and patiently batch distilled in a hand beaten, 19th century, John Dore copper pot still right here in Canterbury! An artisan dry gin with a twist of kiwi ingenuity.

    Fresh flavours are served up from the dedicated kitchen crew too! Some new twists on old favourites are being created with the focus remaining still on quality ingredients. Our beef is 100% Canterbury Wakanui, raised in a stress free range and idyllic environment this beef is fed only GMO free grain with no need for any antiobiotics or hormones to produce the finest most succulent melt in your mouth goodness.

    ” because you know we’re all about the taste/ bout that taste /no dribble”






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In 1779, not long after Captain James Cook discovered New Zealand, the prominent English politician Viscount Lonsdale sent his scandal causing son Lord Lonsdale on a settler's ship to the remote Islands - his philandering ways had caused enough embarrassment to the Crown. Leaving England with nothing more than a ring with a diamond the size of a pea, Lord Lonsdale .... read full about us >>